Top 8 things to do in Buenos Aires

Argentina's capital with 19th-century buildings and Spanish speaking locals, is full of beautiful parks, unique places and great restaurants for food and drink.

La Recoleta Cemetery

My first thought when Ross mentioned the cemetery was 'that sounds a bit weird to go and see' - but it was not what I was expecting. Yes it was still strange but fascinating.

The Recoleta Cemetery is unique and fascinating, there is a variety of unique tombs that stand in their own little houses, with amazing sculptures around them. The whole place is like its own little village for the dead, definitely a must while in Buenos Aires.

Rosa Cafe

This cafe is a cute place to have a coffee or lunch near the cemetery. The owner definitely loves pink, from the chairs, tablets, mats, interior, bathrooms and mugs. A lovely pit stop from a day of walking. It's also very reasonably priced.

Hop-on, hop-off bus tour

Buenos Aires hop-on hop-off bus tour will take you to many of the highlights Buenos Aires has to offer. There are three different routes that your pass includes, which you can buy online or on the bus. It was a great thing to do to see parts we hadn't seen and they provide earphones to give you information about each location you pass through.

Tango Show

A definite must when visiting Argentina is going to a Tango show. We booked ours online at getyourguide and they picked us up from our hostel. When we arrived we took part in a tango lesson, where the professionals taught us three parts to a dance, so much fun. Ross was hesitant at first, then ended up getting so involved and loving it! We were then seated in the most beautiful building and served a three course meal, which included steak and unlimited wine whilst watching a professional tango show with dancers, musicians and singers.

Floralis Genérica

This park has a beautiful, large flower in the centre which opens in the morning and closes in the evening and on certain nights changes colour. This park is filled with people sunbathing, jogging and having picnics. This was our little running spot in Buenos Aires, after eating lots of food and drinking.

Botanical Gardens

This place is like a secret garden full of twisted pathways, statues, gorgeous flower arrangements and beautiful birds and dragonflies. It is a beautiful place in a busy city to wander around and sunbathe.

Caminito, La Boca

The brightly coloured houses in La Boca. The streets are lined with colourful houses, shops and cafes with either Argentina tango dancers or musicians playing for the customers. Full of colour and people, which is completely different to La Boca itself. I would suggest getting the hop on hop off bus tour there, do not try to walk. We did walk and luckily made it back okay, but as we were walking back some locals told us various streets not to go down to avoid being mugged (or worse) as La Boca is a very poor neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, it has had many regular occurrences of petty crimes reported. We were definitely happy to be out of there and back at Puerto Madero, a cold beer was needed!

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is a gorgeous spot to walk down in the day or watch the sunset whilst having a beer/wine. It's about 2 miles long full of bars and restaurants from high prices to beer for £2. We spent our first night there having a drink in a local pub, beer and wine £2 - amazing, then strolled further down for a platter of onion rings, garlic bread, stuffed jacket potatoes and chicken popcorn washed down with a gorgeous cocktail.

An amazing thing we found in Argentina was the free bread you get before your meal which is great as you don't have to order as much. Later in the week we had a refreshing beer in a ship style pub looking at the Sarmiento Frigate Ship Museum, where we looked around after and tried to reenact Titanic.

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