Through The Andes to Santiago, Chile

Here's a small snapshot of the kind of things we got up to while in Santiago. Look out for our blog post coming soon with more detail on things to do and where to eat!

Top 8 things to do in Buenos Aires

Argentina's capital with 19th-century buildings and Spanish speaking locals, is full of beautiful parks, unique places and great restaurants for food and drink.

La Recoleta Cemetery

My first thought when Ross mentioned the cemetery was 'that sounds a bit weird to go and see' - but it was not what I was expecting. Yes it was still strange but fascinating.

The Recoleta Cemetery is unique and fascinating, there is a variety of unique tombs that stand in their own little houses, with amazing sculptures around them. The whole place is like its own little village for the dead, definitely a must while in Buenos Aires.

Our Journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bunoes Aires was our first stop on our year long travel adventure. Here's a short video of our journey across the atlantic ocean and just some of the things we got up to while we were here. We'll be posting more about Buenos Aires soon including our top favourite things to do here.